Pippi Longstocking from Hell


The Rasmus feat. Anette Olzon | October & April

Light and Dark
Worlds apart
This fatal love was like poison
Right from the start
October and April


Anette Olzon - Invincible (Demo)

Years, all the years
All the tears
I longed for you

All the prayers
My despair
Couldn’t bear
To wait for you
No more

My dear - I´m here
No fear - Invincible
See the stars glow
All their gazing lights on you
Feel - can you feel
What I feel
I´m near you
And your hand
Holding mine
Only mine
There´s no one else
Oh you´re

My dear - I´m here

No fear - Invincible
See the stars glow all their gazing lights on you

My dear - I´m here
No fear - Invincible
Hear the thunder sing its roam for you tonight

Seeing as how this demo was inspired by Anette’s son Nemo, I felt it only appropriate to post this now to coincide with the recent pregnancy announcement. ♥ Song art work was created by me.

anarchistfoxes asked: I just wanna say thank you for the recent activity, I really needed a good dose of Anette on my dash.

Good to know. 

Thank you for following! Have a nice week-end :)

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Ohh!! I’m very happy for her and for Johan :3 I wait will a beautiful girl like her mom (but if it’s a guy no problem). New family member are on the way.

Anette Olzon is pregnant! 

Singer Anette Olzon is pregnant for the third time (her second baby with Johan, from the band Pain). She announced the big news today on her blog.

Congrats to both of them!